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Boundaries of Multiverse

Sound Sculpture

speaker, wires, metal and mirrors


Boundaries of a Multiverse explores how human perception contends with the profound technological transformations in physical and social existence.

Drawing on the laws of geometry, optics, and acoustics, the sound sculpture considers the inverse relation between fraction and whole. As time, space, and information accelerate, expand and diversify into multiple realms, the physical and inner contours of perception shrink into relativity.

Absorbing the exhibition space, the sculptural objects thrive on the specificity of their mediums. Mirrored cubes align with metal rod-cells in punctual symmetry. Visual perception is multiplied through infinite reflections and refractions and into boundless depths of relativity.

Sound reveals itself as elusive and pervasive. From the mirror cubes, 2000 meters of black and red audio-wire extend in an imposing flurry. In the central mirrored cell,one speaker is locked in, unplugged. Sine waves from a 12-channel installation invade the space. The ensemble creates a multi-dimensional volume where angular vision wrestles with the sound’s irreducible penetrability.