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Photography of Installed turquoise sculpture at the Western Desert of Egypt

Inkjet print on high-quality fine art paper, wooden-framed with plexiglass
Dimensions: 56 x 100

'Happy are the solitary ones! Those who sow the sky in the avid sand, those who seek the living under the skirts of the wind, those who run panting after an evaporated dream. For they are the salt of the earth. Happy are the lookouts over the ocean of the desert, those who pursue the fennec beyond the mirage.

The winged sun loses its feathers on the horizon. The eternal summer laughs at the wet grave, and if a loud cry resounds in the bedridden rocks. No one hears... it no one. The desert always hollers under an impassive sky. The fixed eye hovers alone, like the eagle at daybreak. Death swallows the dew, and the snake smothers the rat. The nomad under his tent listens to the time screeching. On the gravel of insomnia, everything is there waiting for a word already stated Elsewhere.'

- Blue Like a Desert, Joyce Mansour (1928-1986)