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To The Nostrils of Time


sound, light, soil, space blanket and mirror-sculpture


Pitting the senses against instincts of fight or flight, To the Nostrils of Time is a spatial installation that contemplates the clashing obsessions with human salvation.

The work draws on an Ancient Egyptian healing praise ‘Rise like Nefertem to the Nostrils of Ra, and come forth upon the horizon each day’ that unites the self with nature’s solar cycle of daily renewal, like a majestic scent blooming at dawn, fulfilling at noon, and emanating at dusk. The immersive installation recomposes the praise within today’s anguish of human fulfilment within/out ecological balance.

 A pitch-black passage leads to a glowing hermetic vault. Its facets are made out of fickle gold polyester film used both as emergency blankets and outer space light reflectors. In the centre, slanted mirrors pierce out from the soft earthy ground in a stellar pattern, shielding a beam of white light. The metallic-organic sculpture is guarded by two central pillars in Imperial Blue. The insistent cry of a Peregrine Falcon hovers across a four-channel field recording.

 The volume is suspended in cyclical stillness, inviting visitors to chase fleeting reflections across mirrored infinity.Sensorial textures interlock the material and incorporeal, organic and synthetic, temperance and flow, void and amplitude, and permanence and permutation.